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My major in IDS is Music Production and Entrepreneurship. My focus is on Music composition on a virtual platform, as well as marketing and other business aspects. Music Technology is a large focus on my major, and I believe that a major should be made mainstream with a similar focus from my own.

The Applied Project I pursued is a great representation of what my career path entails. I composed a song for a business. More specifically, I composed a Fight Song for Plymouth State University. This was unprecedented, so its status isn’t as official as I wanted, but it is circulating in some places on campus, and it does exist. I decided to do it because I wanted to leave my mark on the school, as well as do something I am passionate about. It is literally hands on practice to what I want to do in the future, and taught me about PSUs history.

My Research Article was about Jingles, another segment to what my career path entails. I wanted to choose this as my topic, as it is something that I find interesting, and others will find helpful. There are trends in music theory that makes certain strings of sounds more pleasurable and memorable than others. People would find that useful and interesting, so I dove deeper and explained it all. Now I know more about the art, and others can too.

Both of those major projects contributed to my education in progressive ways. I went through the steps of research and specific music composition for the AP, and learned more about the theory and practice of a collaborative field with my RA. Both made me follow and acknowledge the business side of things I will be exposed to in the future, and stimulated my passion to compose. The many classes this semester did the same, but in more precise ways. “Composition” (as in music composition) helped me perfect my music making skills, while a class like “social media strategy” helped me market myself via social media and websites. Every class I proposed for my major gives me insight and practice in one way or another. I now possess many tools. My tool belt is equipped with the most dangerous tool… knowledge. And music, check out my SoundCloud.

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  1. This is all really neat stuff, Kyle. Ever since you played your fight song at the end of semester celebration, I’ve been hearing from people about how cool your work is. You’re getting fans! You’ve been wonderfully creative in thinking about how to make your major work and how to create projects that bring your interests together in a meaningful way. Really nice job!

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