Starting Out as the Underdog

Ever since the beginning I knew that it would be hard… Having a degree in the arts, rather than the science. And Music? When you think of music jobs, for the most part teachers, producers, and performers come to mind. So if I don’t want to be a teacher… Am I supposed to try and become a big shot performer or producer? Am I supposed to accept the stereotypes of our society, and just settle on a low paying part time job? Like a teacher? I do not want to be a teacher. I don’t know what to do…

In reality though, there are more jobs than just teachers and producers. There are people that score films, make music for commercials, and there are even many audio jobs in radio. Many jobs that are in the “art” category are on average lower paid, but they are out there. Many focus more with entrepreneurship, but they all share the power of creation. Services or products that other can utilize in many ways. “Science” degree holders have higher paying jobs on average, and also create, but in a different way.

Is one degree “better” than the other? Well, it depends on how you define “better”. Well paying? Statistically speaking, yes– but with many exceptions. Quality of life in a relevant and direct profession because of said degree? Opinionated, but to every person, yes. Finding both well paying and quality of life improving is goal. I have dreams, but no answer at the moment for if I know my combination.

I always get asked the same question but in different ways… “What are you going to do after college?”, “What can you do with that degree?”, “What types of jobs are you looking at?”, “How are you today?”, and so on.

I know roughly what I want to do, but the opportunity that I am looking for isn’t there yet. I am applying to jobs, I am asking around, but I feel like an underdog. I have an arts degree. Sure I possess, what the kids are calling it: white privilege, I guess, but it isn’t giving me anything special at the moment. I don’t want to make this about race. So I won’t.

Starting out is the hardest part. All of my school has led up to whatever I am about to pursue next… 18 years of education, has led up to this, and I have no idea. That is why I feel like an underdog. Arts degree, and indecisive nature. Not much stereotypically should come out of that. But I’ll show you world! Ha.

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