Plymouth State Fight Song (AP)

For my Applied Project I dove inside Plymouth’s history and culture and attempted to compose a fight song.

Over the course of the semester I investigated “Fight Songs” that defined and rallied student bodies in competitive sports. Important developments that I learned along the way were things like that there are different types of songs that school’s identify with. The main two are Alma Maters and Fight songs. Initially I wanted to compose an Alma Mater, but the school actually has one already. During the research as well, I was informed that there is a “Marching song” that was written in 1940, back when the school was “Plymouth Teachers College”. I was told that this may be an obstacle if I wanted to compose one, but when I told my advisor, Johnathon Santore, he sort of laughed and questioned its credibility.

Besides that I saw nothing in my way. So I started composing, and met with my music advisor, Dr. Santore, every once in a while for assistance. There is no fight song, and I am a composer with drive. At first I composed one for a marching band, only to be told that we don’t have a marching band… So I changed my end-goal yet again. I needed something relevant to sports here at Plymouth, and to the student body. Plymouth doesn’t have a marching band, and the atmosphere at the games aren’t exactly the same as ones at other schools. Plymouth is different, so I tried to adapt. The result is at the bottom of this page, and it is marching band style, but mastered in a more pop way. I needed something to be played over speakers, rather than performed, because that is what Plymouth can do.

At the moment, the finished product was sent to the right people on campus, and if they want to use it for marketing or game occasions, I gave them the consent. Making it official official seemed to be unclear when first starting this project, so I can only spread word of it more to make that happen. At the moment, I believe that with more publicity my piece can become the unofficial fight song for PSU, and hopefully the student body will take it in.

My intention was to compose a piece for Plymouth, to leave my mark, but more importantly bring the people the students together.

“Plymouth Fight Song” –Composed by Kyle Anderson

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