The PLN plan that I followed throughout the semester guided me to marketing myself, as well as made me follow paths to gain more knowledge on the things that may be useful. At first I started using Twitter, but decided to use Soundcloud instead. I make music, and Soundlcoud, a media for sharing music seemed more appropriate.

The accounts that I followed on Twitter were all about music. Whether it is about producing music, music products, or anything technological or musical. I appreciated the various knowledge that was presented to me, and I liked interacting with the posts (as that is something that my generation loves doing already). I even had some people messaging me about music, and made connections. As well as spam…

Soundcloud was a very nice avenue to explore, and I dove much deeper into it than I thought I was going to. Twitter was nice, but I didn’t really get into it as much as I thought. I make music. I want my interactions to have sound, and I want to hear what others are doing in the same field.

It was very casual, using both social medias, and I enjoyed it overall. I feel like I will definitely be using Soundcloud after this class ends, as it is a very useful tool for sharing music. I will use it for marketing myself, and being inspired by what is new in the music production field.

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