Music: Losing Hope? De Nada.

If you are reading this you are probably confused. You’re probably asking yourself: what does “De Nada” mean? Well I think it means, “thank you”. The reason I am saying this, is to try to inspire you. Music comes from many places. In the evolution of peoples, music coexisted continents away. Different roots and cultures, instruments and acoustics, but it is all music. There are so many genres and subgenres that new artists have a hard time classifying their own sounds. The topics in the songs are also wide varying, even though a few topics seem to reappear, no matter the year or culture they derive from.

Broken hearts and true love seem to be very common topics for songs, and no matter the artist, you’re bound to hear something about “Breaking up” or “Falling in love”. So… what does this have to do with the title??? The point of all of this, is that music comes from everywhere, and nowhere. Abstract feelings can be turned into music easily. Using theory to aid you, like sad topics being accompanied by minor keys and maybe a slower tempo, you can make the low points in your life a relatable nugget of music gold.

Losing Hope? No problem, talk about that in the song you are writing and make metaphors to help express it. Are you blue like blues clues? Raining tears emotionally?, naw, rather teardrops on my guitar.

Many people also find writing music, usually with lyrics, to be therapeutic. You talk about your problems, and convey your feelings onto paper and measures. It is laid out right there. The words tell you how you are feeling, and the mood of the music tells you what state you are in. I tend to appreciate music that mirrors my mood, so this is true for me. It may not be for everyone. I can’t see myself writing a happy, C Major diddy talking bout lollipops and laughing when I am depressed thinking about ominous melancholy death though.

Whatever is going on in your life though, embrace it. A collection of songs can even tell your story. Maybe like the stages of grief. Denial, anger, depression, bargaining, acceptance. I find composing when emotional, or in a climactic point of emotion, so hopefully this inspires you.

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