The Things I’ve Learned

Over this semester, the grand ol’ Fall of 2018 adventure that I have ado, I have learned a lot. In my senior year I have gone thru courses that have high CRLs, and because of that I have learned very specific lessons about what to do in my intended career path. I have learned a thing or two from my Interdisciplinary course, but I was instructed not to focus on anything form that.

Dr. Pfenninger taught me that due dates really mean that it is due on that date. Dr. Pfenninger teaches all of the music technology courses at PSU, and on all of his online courses he clearly states “If you miss the submission date you will receive an F for the project and will not receive any feedback. I am treating this like the “Real World” I am giving you specific due dates for tracks”, or some variation to describe the type of content due. This has taught me that in the “real world” you are expected to reach checkpoints by certain times, and especially in this type of work– you are replaceable. I have missed an assignment or two, and he is true with his word… No assignments will be accepted or graded after that due date. The quote above is from my “Music Tech Junior Project” class, in which I am to make a small series of mastered digital scores.

A second thing that I have learned this semester was how to use Logic better, specifically incorporate audio samples to enhance digital tones. Logic is a DAW (Digital audio workstation) that I am taught here at PSU, as well as use at home to produce music. Incorporating new and different ways of creating music shows how I am adapting to the trends of what I want to do, as well as expanding my knowledge on the subject I am specializing in. Dr. Pfenninger responded to one of my assignments with “I still really need the rap to be much more in front of the mix. That is the focal point. Start with that an build the mix around the vocal!”. In this project I was incorporating rap lyrics alongside a mixture of synths and real instruments. His comment shows how I am still learning about this art, and that I am expanding my knowledge by his feedback. The course this is from is my Sound Design class, a class where I incorporate real sounds with digital ones to create an array of music.

These examples of things that I have learned go to show that I am expanding my knowledge here at PSU, and am having a successful semester. Both are very relevant to my major, as I will be required to meet deadlines and make projects that have live audio in them.



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